Back Massage


Advanced Massage tailored to your individual needs using a fusion of massage techniques.



At Essence of you Beauty, massage is a large part of what I do and as an Advanced Massage Therapist I utilise a wide range of techniques that include (but not limited to) - Swedish, Eastern, Deep Tissue and Trigger Points, but I also incorporate relaxation, stretches and more. 


You can choose from a relaxing massage treatment or a remedial massage both utilising that fusion of techniques to give you the best results.

Relax - if you need some time out to chill and have your stresses eased away, then this is the one for you.

Decide on a time slot to suit you, each treatment is designed to suit your body, but here are the most common combinations and a way to give you an idea on how much massage you get for your time –

30 minutes – back, neck and shoulders or feet and legs.

45 minutes – back, neck, shoulders and scalp, shoulders and neck are worked on from the front and back of the body.

60 minutes – back, neck, shoulders, legs, hands, arms and feet or scalp or opt for just upper or lower body.

90 minutes – back, neck, shoulders, legs, hands, arms, feet and scalp, with more in depth work where you need it most.


Remedy - for issues in the tissues and pain management. This will include a Range of Motion assessment and a home care plan.

Remedy sessions are recommended as a course of six sessions at 60minutes each. The frequency of the sessions will vary person to person.

Each massage is completely tailored to your needs and comes with a full consultation to discuss your needs and requirements. Consultations, Range of Motion assessments and Self Care can also take place online over Zoom, if you would like to book an online consultation prior to booking an in-person appointment then please feel free to get in touch.  

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The Relax and Remedy concept is used to describe the different types of massage I offer. But it also depicts what people come to me for, to relax and chill or have something remedied and fixed. 

If you're not sure what Massage to book or you would like to book a consultation in advance please complete the short Massage Screening Form here.

Essence of you Beauty will soon become Relax & Remedy, Massage & Beauty Therapy.





Warm oil is drizzled on the back then a Salt Scrub is applied to the area, this is then removed with warm Lime infused mitts. A clay mask is then applied and you can enjoy a neck and shoulder massage while it goes to work deep cleansing the skin. The mask is removed with warm mitts and the treatment is finished with the application of a nourishing coconut oil.


A traditional seated Indian Head Massage working on the upper back, neck, head and face with warm oils. Indian Head Massage can help relive stress and anxiety, provide relief from headaches and loosen the scalp. Regularly stimulating the scalp is also said to help promote hair growth.  

You will leave with messy hair! 

Why not add on one of the following Massages for the ultimate pamper -


Hand & Arm

Neck & Shoulder 

For an additional £10 



You can rest assured that your modesty will be maintained throughout the treatment. Knickers/ under pants must stay on for the duration of treatment, alternatively disposable pants will be provided.


It is perfectly normal to feel sleepy or light headed immediately after your massage, for this reason it's important to take your time getting up afterwards. You may feel a little stiff or achy the following day for a few days but this will pass.
Please drink plenty of water following your massage and avoid alcohol.