Appointment Policy

The Online Consultation form and Covid Health Questionnaire must be filled in and returned prior to your appointment, these will be sent to you directly from the booking app with your confirmation.


If you or anyone you have been in contact with are unwell you must reschedule your appointment.


You must sanitise or wash your hands on arrival and before leaving.


Face masks/ coverings are required for the duration of your visit and must be applied on entering the building. If you arrive without one I will provide one for an additional £1.


Refreshments cannot be provided but you are welcome to bring a bottle of water, especially if you are coming for massage.


No plus ones, you must attend your appointments by yourself unless you require a registered carer to attend with you, if this is the case please let me know in advance, they will also be required to complete a Covid Health Questionnaire.


Please only bring essentials with you to your appointment, leave coats in the car if possible and leave jewellery at home. A box will be provided for you to store your belongings during your appointment.


As always clean towels and bedding will be used for each client but the amount used will be kept to a minimum. All tools and equipment will be cleaned and sterilised prior to use. Surfaces and touch points will be thoroughly cleaned after each client.


When you arrive for your appointment please go to Reception where they will inform me of your arrival and I will come and meet you. If you are attending an appointment after 5pm or on a Saturday please call or text to let me know you have arrived and I will let you in. 

Cash or Card payments are accepted. If you are paying by Card you will need your mobile phone with you, if you are paying by cash please try and bring the exact amount.  

Both forms must be completed and returned 24hrs prior to your appointment. 

If they are not completed prior to your visit your appointment will be cancelled and you will still be charged.